Citizens for Charlie Meier
203 S. Abby Road
Okawville, IL 62271
Phone: 618-589-2160

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  • Ryan Boyd
    commented 2018-03-20 20:00:22 -0500
    Several of us were turned away from the polls today. We had to yield to emergency vehicles on the way there. I planted my feet at my voting booth at 6:56 and was shunned and turned away, as were the people behind me. The woman on the phone continued to lambaste us with the words " We are downstairs drinking, do not call back or we will call the police." I advised the rest of the townsfolk to pursue their own interests while I took notes of the conversations that had just taken place.

    People were coming to vote for you and were turned away and theatened with legal actions if we continued to knock.

    I can provide numbers and locations upon request. One of your supporters has it in his head that because I have a TN.prefixed phone number that I’m not allowed to vote in Breese. He’s called me twice to stir me up and I’ve advised him everytime that his actions are illegal. I am a registered voter in the city of Breese and would have voted for you, as would the train of folks in line behind me. Today your people proved that they are no better than the snakes that Obama left in the grass. I will NEVER forget this experience and will share it with all of my voting district.

    Good day Sir,
    Captain Ryan Boyd
  • Charlie Meier
    published this page 2017-12-15 16:20:55 -0600